Al Flowers has faith in the New Police Chief

  • Al Flowers
  • 612-217-1515

July 28, 2017 11:30AM, Minneapolis, MN – Minneapolis Mayoral candidate Al Flowers declares his faith in Chief Medaria Arradondo, the first Black Police Chief in Minneapolis's history.

In the position for barely a week, Chief Medaria Arradondo has gotten some backlash from different members of the community. Some other community leaders have called for receivership of the Minneapolis Police to the US Justice Department. Flowers states that this action is pre-mature. “The current Presidential administration is not trustworthy. It would be grave mistake for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump to be in charge of out city's police department.”

“Medaria Arradondo has just been appointed as Chief of Minneapolis Police, and we need to give him an opportunity to be successful. I have seen his leadership as he participated in the Federal Mediation Agreement for 5 years, and I know he authentically wants to help the people of Minneapolis,” says Flowers.

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