Al Flowers criticizes Star Tribune reporters

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July 28, 2017 11:30AM, Minneapolis, MN – Minneapolis Mayoral candidate Al Flowers criticizes Star Tribune reporters Adam Belz and Emma Nelson for publishing two stories involving all mayoral candidates, except him.

In an email exchange on Wednesday July 26, the Flowers campaign team wrote:


After multiple emails and contacts, the Star Tribune still seems to ignore Al Flowers candidacy for Minneapolis Mayor. Both Emma Nelson in body camera policy story and Adam Belz June 24 story about Mayor Hodges tough decisions.

If we don't get equal air time and you choose to ignore our campaign, we will expose you. We bring more truth to the people than you ever do.

-Campaign Team.

The response to this email was sent from Adam Belz the next day:

Dear Al and Team,

This is a cheap, manipulative way to communicate, and you know it. There's nothing to expose. There are several candidates for mayor in Minneapolis. We focus our time on deadline on the four or five who have broad support. Al Flowers is not one of those. That was clear at the DFL convention, and it would be true if he were white, purple or pink. That doesn't mean we should or will never call, but we just can't call every time something happens.



Al Flowers states, “Participating in the DFL process is not the only indicator of the vast support our campaign has in the City of Minneapolis. Adam Belz does not get to determine our range of support based on one event of less than 1200 people.” In addition, Al Flowers also pointed out that Belz's story was published on June 24, before the DFL convention.

Flowers says that Star Tribune reporters are suppose to be objective, and felt that Emma Nelson's story neglected important information. “Star Tribune reporters didn't mention that I was the only mayoral candidate who advocated for body cameras for police officers at the legislature last year. I made the phone calls to Anthony Newby of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change and Senator Jeff Hayden to get community support.” Flowers explains he made sure the bill came out in favor for the community before the final passage, and challenged Senator Latz who wanted to limit body camera video footage to police viewing only.

Furthermore, Flowers believes that statements from other mayoral candidates about disarming the police is not an actual solution. “We need to first have a plan to disarm those who are creating gun violence in our community before discussing disarming the police. To disarm our police would mean everyone should have to give up their guns, and the 2nd amendment prevents this from ever happening. So these statements are just pandering.”

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