Al Flowers statement on Harteau's resignation

  • Al Flowers

  • 612-217-1515

July 21, 2017 11:30PM, Minneapolis, MN – Minneapolis Mayoral candidate Al Flowers welcomes the resignation of Chief Janeé Harteau from the Minneapolis Police Department. Flowers also welcomes the new Interim Chief Medaria Arradondo, the first Black Police Chief in Minneapolis's history.

Al Flowers' campaign theme has been bringing “truth to the people” and has often informed the public of the tragic deaths and cases of brutality conducted by some Minneapolis Police officers.

Flowers states, “Chief Harteau's resignation is a late act of leadership, which is better than nothing at all. This is a much needed change; under her direction, there were multiple unnecessary deaths at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.”

At the same time, Al Flowers is concerned about the rising racism and Islamophobia, specifically from the comments made since the officer involved in the death of Justine Damond is a Somali Muslim man.

“Let's not dishonor Justine Damond's legacy by using racism and Islamophobia in this situation,” says Flowers.

Al Flowers believes this maybe a sign of events to come. “It is time for new leadership in all positions of elected office as well. Now we can begin the process of healing our city, as we change for the better and bring truth to the people,”states Flowers.

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