Al Flowers reacts to Yanez acquittal

Courtesy of RT, Stop killing us

Al Flowers

June 16, 2017 3:30PM, Minneapolis, MN – Minneapolis Mayoral candidate Al Flowers finds the acquittal of Jermino Yanez to be a “travesty of justice.”

Al Flowers campaign theme has been bringing “truth to the people” and has often informed the public with monetary figures of how police misconduct is costing the City of Minneapolis millions.

But this trial, Flowers says, is personal. “I can not wrap my head around the fact there was a video showing Philando Castile's last moments of life, and we still need to demand 'stop killing us' ” states Flowers.

Al Flowers is a father who is concern for the safety of his own adult children. “A broken tail light, a little marijuana, and an unreasonable fear of Black people is no excuse to take a life.”

Al Flowers is seeking the DFL endorsement during the July 8th City-wide convention. For more information, contact Al Flowers at 612-217-1515 or via email at