Al Flowers Officially declares!

Al Flowers announcing his candidacy for Minneapolis Mayor

Al Flowers

Minneapolis, MN – On Monday March 27, 2017 at 3:30PM, Al Flowers announced his candidacy for the Mayor of Minneapolis. Flowers is planning on seeking the DFL endorsement, and is organizing his supporters for the April 4th precinct caucus.

Before a crowd at Hamdi Somali Restaurant on lake Street, Al Flowers stated, “My campaign will focus on our Minneapolis local economy. The small businesses that we have, like this one, is an integral part of our great city.” Flowers continues to say, “Opening more small business will not only increase revenue in our city but help all people of Minneapolis live the American dream.”

Flowers believes none of the current candidates have an inclusive strategy to help all people of Minneapolis, especially when comes to affordable housing. “Currently, there are people working in Minneapolis who can't afford to live here because housing has become so expensive. This is not being inclusive to all members of our city; we should be able to live close to where we work.”

Al Flowers is seeking the DFL endorsement and is organizing for the April 4th precinct caucus. For more information, contact Al Flowers at 612-217-1515 or via email at