Al Flowers believes that police accountability starts with the City of Minneapolis following the Federal Mediation Agreement between the Police Federation and the community.

Al Flowers reveals his New Housing Policy and Funding Platform at the Northside Minneapolis Mayoral Forum.

Al Flowers work includes organizing for the The North Minneapolis African American Housing Opportunity Survey in collaboration University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA).

Al Flowers brings various talents and skills to the community as well as Minneapolis politics.

Al Flowers Builds Partnerships

Communities are united together to get needs met for all in Minneapolis under Al Flowers leadership. Whether you are White, Somali, Latino, LGBT, Hmong, young, elderly, or Black, you have a seat at the table.

Al Flowers Creates Community Dialogue

Al Flowers has shown through the radio and TV the importance of talking to people. We need a Mayor who will excel in walking into every community and have an authentic dialogue, not just there for a photo-op.

Al Flowers Respects People

Minneapolis has become a nation wide embarrassment for our horrendous police-community relations. It has gotten to the point that people do not call the 911 because they view the police making the situation even worse. This has got to stop. Al Flowers believes that the Minneapolis Police should serve all residents in this city.

Al Flowers Brings Common Sense Government

Too much bureaucracy is getting in the way providing good policies and resources to people. Al Flowers knows that basic rights are not "privileges" and getting paid for your work is not an "entitlement". Al Flowers has established programs with many to meet the needs of families and individuals in Minneapolis.

Al Flowers cares for our Elders and Youth

As a family man, Al Flowers had committed to seeing our young people be provided with positive choices in education. Providing positive choices for young people will results in positive outcomes for years to come. In addition, Al Flowers is concerned that the needs of our elders are not seen and heard. Needs of those who help built our communities need to be met and with out any exceptions

Al Flowers has Strength and Dedication

Often times fragile egos get in the way of getting things done. Politicians would rather be heard they are right then doing what is right for the people. Al Flowers has demonstrated the strength to pursue good ideas and is dedicated to do what is best for our communities.